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“In Eric Summerer's capable hands, the plot of CHILDHOOD'S END is smoothly presented and fully credible. He highlights the patient nature of the Overlords, which has caused humans to become ever more complacent. Summerer excels at delivering the aliens’ quiet and intensely engaging dialogue with people. His nuanced performance creates a growing feeling of uneasiness in the listener as the Overlords’ insatiable curiosity and watchfulness begin to suggest something less than benign at work.”
-- AudioFile (J.E.M.), reviewing Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke (2009 Audies Finalist)
“Lonnie Wheeler's book is for baseball die-hards, and narrator Eric Michael Summerer brings home the many points--intangible, invisible, and emotional--with great inflections. His steady performance ranges over the many topics covered, which include "moxie" and "teamship" and their importance to the sport. Bonus points for Summerer: Not one athlete's name is mispronounced. Fantasy players would do well to listen to this book to remember what goes into making great players, and teams.”
-- AudioFile (M.B.), reviewing Intangiball: The Subtle Things that Win Baseball Games
“Eric Michael Summerer is an excellent choice for the narration of this challenging text. The author, who is Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics at Caltech, served as an executive producer of the popular film INTERSTELLAR. Here he provides a technical explanation of the theory of black holes and time warps that is pivotal to the believability of the film. Summerer's performance is straightforward--yet warm and stylish.”
-- AudioFile (W.A.G.), reviewing The Science of Interstellar by Kip Thorne
“The performance was nothing short of superb! The narrator's delivery and voices were a pleasure to hear. The separation of character voices is impeccable. I think [Eric Michael Summerer] could bring a dictionary to life!”
-- Jim K (Audible Listener since 2015), reviewing Space Carrier Avalon by Glynn Stewart
“Eric Summerer is an excellent choice to narrate the work because of his clear inflections and commanding tone.”
-- AudioFile (W.A.G.), reviewing The King and Queen of Malibu: The True Story of the Battle for Paradise by David K. Randall
“Eric Michael Summerer performs this classic Hugo Award-winning novel from 1963 in a straightforward and enjoyable fashion… A true classic, perfectly presented.”
-- AudioFile (S.D.D.) , reviewing Way Station by Clifford D. Simak
“With aplomb and composure, narrator Eric Michael Summerer presents all the cogent points, such as the average voter's lack of knowledge and the dumbing down of the political system. Another reader might have turned this into a ranting screed, but Summerer maintains an even keel throughout, helping listeners to understand just how much American voters need to learn in order to better exercise their right to vote.”
-- AudioFile (K.M.), reviewing Just How Stupid Are We? : Facing the Truth About the American Voter
“Narrator Eric Michael Summerer does a fine job of capturing the story’s wide-ranging emotions. Summerer displays an inherent ability to portray rousing characters who are, at times, intentional caricatures of themselves. Ultimately, Vonnegut's classic still seems fresh, thanks to a spirited reading that listeners will find entertaining.”
-- AudioFile (L.B.), reviewing God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater by Kurt Vonnegut