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The Dice Tower

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Since 2005, The Dice Tower podcast has been examining tabletop games of all types under the watchful eye of noted reviewer Tom Vasel. Featuring Top Ten lists on countless topics, questions from listeners from around the world, and Tales of Gaming that highlight both the highs and lows of the hobby, The Dice Tower truly embraces its motto of being a show about "boardgames and card games, but especially the people who play them."

Eric took on the role of podcast co-host in 2009, and can also be heard in The Dice Tower's video review intros and segments for other shows in The Dice Tower Network. Eric does produce the occasional video review of his own, as well as a bi-annual breakdown of his Top 100 Games. The podcast recently celebrated its 500th episode in March of 2017.

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Behind The Scenes of The Dice Tower, Part 2

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Eric gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the production of The Dice Tower audio podcast.